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Can I join you on an outdoor excursion some time, and watch you photograph?​​

Unfortunately, I don't think you would find it as much fun as you think you would.  Often on an assignment, I can be in the field for 6-10 hours, and shoot upwards of 600+ pictures.  It can be slow and tedious at time, and even the most patient, will want to find other things to do.

How did you get started in photography?

As far back as I can remember, possibly elementarty school, I remember having a polaroid instamatic camera.  I found it amazing that you could take a picture, and 30 seconds later have an instant image to look at in front of you.  Birthday parties and the holidays sure were a lot of fun.

Have you taken any schooling or special courses related to photography?

                I have not taken any formal training but I have never stopped educating myself by learning from other photographers, reading books, researching online, and good old fashioned experimentation.         


What kind of cameras do you use?

It depends on the environment and assignment, please view the GEAR section of this website for a

comprehensive list of the photographic tools I use.


Where did the name WagWagPhoto come from?  How come you don't just use your own name?

My inspiration comes from many things, but particularly my two weimaraners, Myszka and Sasha. 

When I'm photographing a subject, whether indoors or outside, if I had a tail, it would be wagging.  I

see my dogs having so much fun all the time moving and shaking around.  WagWag translates for

humans as fun-fun, and that's how I feel when immersed in my photography, and sharing it with



How do you get to travel so much?

Above photography, my biggest hobby is travel. I am fascinated by the world, in particular the people

that live in it. Being born in Sydney, Australia and raised most of my life in North America, traveling

extensively across Europe, I am drawn to things far away from home and unique ways of thinking that challenge my own.

When will you do a coffee book?  Calendar?  Exhibition?

All great things will come in time.  Right now, working on getting my logo and website up to speed, inbetween shoots and spending time out in the field.  Stay tuned!

How come you don't photograph weddings?

Honestly, don't have the interest and just don't see it as my forte.  Though, there are plenty of great photographers out there that do, and know you will find the RIGHT one. 


Does it really rain in the Pacific Northwest as much as people say it does?

Yes, and then some.  You either love it or you hate it.  I love it, and reminded often how it keeps the outdoors so beautiful, green, and luscious.

How did you decide on the names, Myszka and Sasha, for your two Weimaraners?

Myszka (female) is Polish for "little female gray mouse," and Sasha (male) was named after a famous Russian Czar.  Both, reminding me of my memorable time working in Eastern Europe in the late 90s.

Still have a question?  Send me an email at  info@wagwagphoto.comIn the meantime, thanks for checking out my website, and happy shooting!

Frequently Asked Questions

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