Harvey Potts was born in Sydney, Australia and moved to the United States several years later. Growing up in California and then Oregon, his appreciation and love of nature and travel motivated him to find creative ways to capture its beauty with photography. It was in the mid-90s while serving in the U.S. Peace Corps (Poland), that he first began to work with a Nikon SLR camera, in both 35mm and slide formats. "Poland and Eastern Europe still have a significant number of wild and pristine places in nature and this was a great entry point to begin showcasing the wildlife, national parks, forests, and open spaces in its rawest form."

Through his extensive time traveling domestically and internationally, Harvey's use of photography has provided him with a better appreciation of cultural differences and open spaces, stronger respect and understanding of nature, and a desire to present it in a creative and beautiful way. "I like to capture the moment, and then be able to express and share that experience with those that were not there in the first place."

Now living in Seattle, Washington (USA), Harvey primarily works with Nikon equipment (300s, 800), and occasionally pulls out his waterproof Sony Cyber-shot, for those moments when climbing in the mountains, snowshoeing up the valley, or trailrunning across the ridge -- and doesn't want to carry around 20 lbs of equipment. "Most people don't enjoy hiking with me, as I will shoot 300-500 pictures on a hike, stopping at every turn to discover something new and interesting. The non-photographer would probably never see it."

WagWagPhoto was created from recognizing "the two" that spend most of their time with Harvey, as he photographs the world. Companionship and ambiance on photo excursions and hiking the backcountry provided by his Weimaraners, Myszka (female, 8 yrs) and Sasha (male, 2 yrs).  "When you're full of "wagwag," you're in your element, happy, and full of enjoyment -- photography provides that for me."

Questions and/or comments about the photography on this website can be directed to  info@wagwagphoto.com .